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Why Trying Leads to Buying.

Not All Mattresses Are The Same.

Understanding Coils.

Buying Solutions Over Sales Pitches.

Are You Detailed Enough/Buying Rough..

Size Counts!

Buying On One Feature.

Web Verification..

Not Buying The Full Set

Price Point


In life, there are three things we are absolutely guaranteed that we need. We need food to avoid hunger, water to avoid dehydration, and sleep to let our bodies recover. So why is it that buying a comfortable mattress is one of the most challenging tasks facing the modern individual?

If you are sick of the overly gimmicky marketing and the over-the-top sales pitches that comes with just about every mattress purchase you’ll ever make, then this guide is here to help.

We want to help you make sure that you have 100% all of the information and detail that you need to make buying a mattress fun and without challenge. Since we know just how much our bodies need good rest and comfort at night, investing in a strong, quality mattress is an investment in the rest of your life.

Our sleep determines so much about our day – our mood, our feelings, our body condition. A bad sleep on a poor quality mattress is just as bad for us as having a quality mattress is good!

So, to help you understand where you might be going wrong, we’ve broken down all the information that you could possibly need. The body needs a healthy mind to make sure it runs right, and a good night’s sleep is a sure-fire way to assure that happens.

Over the years we’ve collated details on the biggest mistakes that our customers have made in the past, and now we want to help future customers avoid going down the same road.

This is about your health, your fitness and your happiness overall. If you choose to purchase with us at the end of your reading, then we would love to assist you.

If you don’t, though, then don’t disregard the information held in here. Whether you buy from us or another mattress provider, the rules and common mistakes remain the same.

So, let’s discover how to get the sweetest of dreams every night!




Since you’re reading this, you’ve either heard of us before or you were given this by a friend. Either way? Thank you for taking the time to read it through!

Before we get into the details and the nitty-gritty of buying a good mattress, we want to try and explain a little bit more about who we are. Hopefully, this will make you feel even more confident about buying your future mattresses from our team. As a local Wichita company that was formed in 1970 by the current owners grandfather, Mattress Galaxy helps to serve the Wichita, Mulvane, Derby, Haysville, Clearwater, Cheney, Augusta, Andover, Bel Air, Park City, Newton, Hutchinson, Maize, Andale, Haven area and beyond.

As a family owned and managed business, we provide access to wonderfully detailed mattresses at huge savings. Our growth is continual, and we’ll make sure that every customer we work with can get access to a company who will never stop looking to improve the quality and comfort our users can get.

We believe that being part of the local Wichita community allows us to help get a better grasp on what people are asking for in the region. This is something we take immense pride in, and use it as a means to help empower the progress we make as a mattress firm. Every single mattress that we sell is sold with the same idea – of it being the finest choice we had for that particular customer.

This is reflected in the positive way that we are reflected in the area. With a commitment to customer appreciation and offering great value, we make sure that everyone who shops with us is coming with something that can actively improve their lives.

We take that role forward with relish. To power this, we sell only the finest mattresses and higher the most well reputed staff possible at the absolute lowest prices. Our aim here is pretty basic – to offer NAME BRAND MATTRESSES for maximum comfort at night.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this section, and will find exceptional value that assists you in buying the perfect mattress!

Why Trying Leads to Buying

One of the most common mistakes that we notice from clients is a lack of trying before buying. Remember, you will be spending an extensive amount of time on your mattress, so it helps to know before you buy it if it truly fits your shape, style and body needs.

You’d be shocked at the sheer wealth of individuals who will purchase a bed without much trying out. A few minutes for some, a simple push of the fingers for others. We also see lots of people coming in to try the bed out wearing their big, fluffy jackets – that obviously adds some padding that won’t be there at night.

While we don’t want people stripping off in the middle of the store to try beds out properly, we want everyone who makes a purchase to do so having tried it out for at least fifteen minutes. The best way to try out a mattress is to;

·         Lie on the mattress the way that you would at night. Curl up in a ball? Try that. Sleep straight out like a log? Try that, too. Try and make sure that you try other sleeping positions (we all wake up in crazy poses!)

·         Remove all excessive clothing such as jackets and hoodies. Keep on your normal clothing but anything padded will be giving an artificial level of comfort.

·         Bring your partner with you. It has to suit you both, not just one party, so make that clear.

·         Also, try and put as much attention into the parts of your body that hurt the most – how does the bed help them?

The last one is particularly important. If you are specifically looking for a bed because you have a bad back and need more support, then finding the right mattress is imperative. Sleep on your sides and notice shoulder pain within a few minutes? Keep looking.


Not All Mattresses Are the Same

A foolish yet innocent and rather common mistake to make is the assumption that all mattresses are made the same. If only that were true – sleeping at night would be a much simpler proposition!

Memory foam mattresses are a hugely popular form of mattress, but people assume that one kind of memory foam alone exists. This is not the case – it has greater density than normal foam, for a start. Even then, various memory foams can be different from one another even still.

A mattress is like Goldilocks – it has to be juuuust right. Some other manufacturers make smart use of different equipment to make their own mattresses unique.

Since Tempurpedic remains the flagship name in the industry, though, many will stay glued to the idea of them or nothing. Other brands do exist that use smart and innovative technology. For example, Serta make various “i” brand products, which use a gel-infused memory foam instead.

This stops the bed from feeling too warm at night, allowing you to get a more comfortable sleep. If you are someone who struggles to sleep at night due to the heat, then a gel-based memory foam solution is worth considering.

Simmons is also a very popular brand because of their superior quality and materials. Simmons makes many Hybrid mattress models, which are made using memory foam with cooling gel on top of a spring unit.

So, if you come to see our team at MG and we offer you a memory foam that isn’t Tempur-Pedic, we aren’t trying to con you. Many other options exist, and variety is only good for the development of this particular mattress style.


Understanding Coils

An element that seems to go under appreciated is the coil technology in mattresses. Mattresses can use various forms of coil technology and understanding them is going to be pretty important.

One thing you can learn more or less immediately, whether you are being asked about encased coils or tempered steel coils, is who makes them.

Leggett and Platt are the biggest player in town when it comes to mattress materials that require any kind of metal instrument to be used. Just about every spring worth having is an L&P product so make sure you take that into consideration.

This means that when it comes to the comparison of coils, it can all feel a little wasteful. You’re asking questions and getting vague answers, purely on the basis that vagueness is all that can be offered here.

A particular element of understanding coils, though, is coil sizes. For example, a 312 coil unit is built to be used on a full-sized mattress. A 390 coil, by contrast, is the same unit but it’s made for being used in a queen sized bed.

Gauges also play an important role in understanding coils. There are three main kinds – 12.5/13/13.5. strangely, the lower the number is the heavier of the coil sizes.

All of these questions and queries, though, begin to feel like they aren’t getting you, well, anywhere!

Instead, you can turn to the much more helpful and effective question of what you can measure and determine. You should instead be wondering what kind of bed you should be buying. As a child your bed tended to be around 75% steel with a coil of around 6” in size. Today, an adult bed will likely be 12” with around 50% foam used rather than steel. You want to determine whether you want to buy a foam mattress, a hybrid or an inner-spring.

The real question, then, is how good is the foam in the mattress?

You can’t tell, unless you want to get a knife and split one open and then have to pay for it anyway! Your best bet? To research every particular brand of bed you are thinking of buying. Then, research the company you intend to buy from and see who tells the clearer story.

Quality bedding is worth the money, so it pays to do individual research into every mattress. Then, you’ll know about what quality should be provided by that bed.


Buying Solutions Over Sales Pitches

It’s so stupidly easy to find yourself caught up in the hype train. It’s also easy to believe everything you read on TV. The advert says that this mattress is “perfect for any body” so it must be true! Nobody lies on TV!

Sadly, outside of the land of milk and honey, lies on TV are abundant and obvious. So are lies in any kind of marketing scheme; a company is hardly going to be advertising their new mattress as spectacular for some, horrible for others!

With that in mind you have to be ready to do a bit of digging and avoid buying the wrong mattress due to a sales pitch. You have one goal here – to buy the mattress that ticks all of your needed boxes.

From getting hit with coil counts to fabrics being used and from what nation they hail from, buying a mattress can be really challenging to “get”. Before long you buy a mattress at great expense because it had X feature, without confirming to yourself you even need (or understand) that particular feature.

When you go mattress shopping, be prepared to be given an itinerary of all the features that a mattress has. As each is being spouted off to you, ask yourself one question – and then ask the dealer;

Does that benefit me personally?

It’s so simple, yet so incredibly effective. The mattress you buy is meant to be the one that ticks your persona list of needs, not the one with the most ticks in the ‘Features’ menu. You might need a bed with all the bells and whistles, you might need one with none.

When you buy a mattress with Mattress Galaxy, you get to avoid all of this added baloney. We ask you the questions that you want to get an answer to so we can find the ideal mattress for you. We don’t start shoving expensive and shiny new mattresses in your face “because, features!” so you can stop worrying about that.

If you ask a salesman why a certain spring style or fabric is important, and they cannot give you an answer/respond with some stock answer, leave the store. We mean it. Get out of there.

You want to leave the store knowing every feature – and its benefits, specifically to your needs. We always look to make sure you leave our stores knowledgeable. If you are worried about being duped and buying the sales pitch rather than the product, then come see us.

We’ll make sure that you are given the chance to tell us, rather than us telling you, what’s important. This matters to us, and we think it will matter to you as well.

So, if you want to benefit from a better quality of sleep at night, you need to get your mattress right. Listening to the advertising pitch versus listening to the aches and pains of your body, though, is not a smart decision; think selfishly, and benefit later.


What Size?!

As we all know, size counts. In the world of mattresses, size matters more than anywhere else – buying the wrong size of mattress actually sounds pretty tough though, right?


People make wrong choices all the time, and it’s deceptively simple to manage. The volume of people who we have seen order King beds that will never fit, or bought a double when they wanted a single, is quite staggering. Whilst getting the right size is important, getting the wrong size is so bad for our bodies.

Sleeping on the right size of bed means removing restrictions in terms of space, health or comfort. From having a new partner to getting a new, bigger room you have many reasons to consider buying a new mattress.

· Our simplest recommendation here is quite simple – go for the largest mattress that you can afford and that your room can actually fit. A larger bed means you can get a better sleep as you have more room to roll around in during the night. Still not sure what size you should go for, though? Then try and consider if against the below.

· For people who are sleeping in a full size bed, keep it at one person. Also, a full size is only suitable for someone over the height of 5ft5. If you are still sleeping in a bed this size as an adult, upgrade today!

· If you are someone who either enjoys the comfort of cuddles at night with your partner, or sprawls out during the night, a Queen size is a good pick to go for.

· Do you like to have the maximum space, even as a couple? Then go King. King size beds offer the ultimate sleeping space and comfort when you are laid out. It also makes a good choice for those who have children or pets who tend to hop onto the bed with you guys.

The main problem is space. If you can afford the space and the size, a King can be a wonderful choice for any adult who wants plenty of space both alone and as a couple. Just remember to do your measurements before placing an order – nothing is worse than seeing your bed stuck in the door!

Also, try and consider the importance of height with your bed. Many beds today come with a Low or High profile design, and this will be amplified with a mattress being included. Lastly, if you want to go big but have tight space to fit upstairs, for example, go for a Split bed. This allows for the bed to be made into two and took up the stairs a whole lot simpler, avoiding those tight knit fits.


Buying On One Feature

For years now, we’ve been warning clients of the dangers of buying mattresses based on terminology alone. We’re well beyond the days of a mattress being either “firm” or “plush” – these terms are hopelessly outdated in the massive selection that we have today.

Steel inner-spring mattresses are no longer the only show in town. For this reason, terms like the above just don’t apply as they once did. Whilst in the pat we used to have to choose between sleeping on a hard mattress or a solid mattress, today we can sleep on more or less anything you can imagine!

In the past firm bed used to fly out the stores because we were told that back pain was to be cured with a firm back. That was, as we all know now with our bad backs, not the case. What is needed is good spinal alignment and genuine support for your back.

This comes from having a firm and strong mattress that avoids being too over the top. A firm mattress is made to distribute your weight points across the bed so that each body part gets the stability and the comfort that it so desperately was in need of.

The more padding we have, the more comfort and support our spines will get. This also helps to improve blood circulation around the body as well as give our bodies help in reliving painful and pressurized points on the body.

Therefore, the folly of buying based on it being firm or plush is no longer the case. Many mattresses today can be double, or more, the thickness of their historical predecessors. We also tend to get more layers to add in further support and comfort, making it easy for the mattress to provide one steady location of long-term stability.

The ideal bed for you personally will be the one which;

· Gives behind the knees a lot of comfort as you sleep.

· Provides the small of the back with a resting place.

· Curves into the base of your neck, not outwards.

If you can get a mattress that offers this rather than banal terms like “plush” then you are well on the right track to success. A mattress that can offer the above will give you a much more comfortable and refined quality of sleep at night. It allows for major pressure points to be spotted and corrected, helping to give areas of pressure an easier way to recover and recuperate from any damage done.

If your head and your feet are on different heights, your mattress is not the right one for you. Use that as your measurement, rather than buying into any typical one-word solutions that solve nothing.


Web Verification

In the modern world, it’s very easy to base just about all of our verified opinions based on what the internet says. However, that’s an overly simplistic – and actually rather dangerous – assumption. When it comes to buying a mattress, relying solely on online reviews is a silly thing to do.

A review of a mattress is so entirely subjective it’s not even funny. You can’t really take too much – look around and you can find someone giving a glowing review of a terrible mattress, and a horrible review of the best on the market. It just comes down to personal taste and if it helps your own particular health issues.

When collecting information about a product, you should try and look out for key factors that pop out. Then, when you read reviews, you’ll learn if something is a particular issue or if it was a specific problem for that one person. Keep seeing the same complaints being made over and over? Then it’s likely worth listening to.

Just seeing the one renegade claiming it, though? It’s worth investigating further but don’t take it as gospel. We all have unique needs and what is a fluffy cloud for you is a bag of bricks for another person.

Also, be sure to be eagle-eyed when it comes to verifying facts and stats about a particular mattress. Even manufacturers can get their product details wrong. A manufacturer (rightly) will hype up their own products, usually be making it sound so much better to a close competitor.

Everyone is competing against one another so it’s only natural they go to these lengths to try and earn your business. But it also means that anything you read needs to be independently verified by another source. Take the time to read a review closely and ask yourself the following;

· Do these issues apply to me?

· Can they be backed up elsewhere?

· Is this a common or specific problem being faced?

Don’t just buy one because Frankie from work got it and your kind of the same height as each other. Avoid buying the mattress that your partner wants without knowing if you want it, as well. Most importantly, don’t buy it on the strength of ‘mattressman641’ on a forum telling you it’s wonderful.

Mattresses are so much more than a star rating or a list of features. No, they are much more than this and offers something far more important to us that many people will simply have not thought about. So, rely on what you think, using others opinions to inform, not decide.

Remember that a good mattress is designed to work as a set for the base below. If you choose the wrong base, then it will make the compatibility less. This will usually mean that your mattress wears out faster than it should, thus costing you more money in the long run.

Naturally, we want to avoid that kind of problem!

Indeed, having the right change in frame can be all that you need to get a better quality and format of sleep. You also need to appreciate and understand that buying the full bed together can literally make the difference. Suffering from issues like snoring? Then the right combo of mattress and base can make the perfect conditions to eliminate that problem.

Use the wrong match-up, though, and the problem can become exasperated.

Support of your mattress is of major importance, so don’t disregard that in the buying process as well. You want four points of contact on the floor at all times, or five if two people are using the bed. This adds the depth of support needed to avoid the bed from creaking and cracking on you.

If you use a King, though? Six is needed. It’s a delicate balance, but one that’s well worth your consideration.

The last part of the puzzle is your pillows. Pillows matter in the grand scheme of the bed and getting the pillow sets that work with your bed is very important. Thankfully, pillows tend to be far less specific in terms of what has to match together in the set.

Just don’t forget about making pillows an important part of the discovery. If you do this, then you will likely suffer far less at night


Price Point Obsession

The final point that we wish to touch on is quite a crucial one, and a mistake we see made on a regular basis. You drive by our store, and you see a mattress that looks kind of like the one that you want. It’s 50% off – a saving of over $150 between that and the one you were saving up for.

Should you just come in and get it? A less ethical mattress firm would open up their arms and welcome you in, like a lost child. Not at Mattress Galaxy.

No, we only recommend purchases when we know that you are buying for the right reasons. Buying just because it’s cheap is not a good strategy – in trying to save money you will cost yourself a lot. As we mentioned throughout, the wrong match and poor thought processes will lead to more problems than solutions courtesy of your brand new mattress.

Remember, getting to sleep at night and waking up in the morning feeling energized is an investment. An investment in personal improvement and genuine happiness – saving a couple of notes is not worth having to come back and pay full price due to incompatibility.

Always buy a mattress because it was quality and ticked all of your boxes. There’s no need to get a mattress that fails to do this – the choices on the market are simply too vast to settle for anything less than quality.


With the quality of the right kind of mattress, the whole quality of your life can change. At Mattress Galaxy, we are here to help you any time that you may need some assistance with achieving those sweetest, most lasting of dreams.

Just think of this way – if your changing your bed allows you to rest better, or for longer, each night, it was an investment. You’ll find you are more productive, more active and far more capable of handling stress and pain in your life.

If you decide that you want to make a structured change to the way that you sleep and live, then come and visit us today. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you avoid every mistake listed in this guide!